For years, consumers have experienced problems with counterfeit insignia and overruns.   Counterfeit insignia can be made using a scan of the item taken from the internet where many collectors display their collections. Internet auctions also showcase many items and it is easy to copy the design. Overruns are extras made by the factory when the customer's order is produced. 

 Gman Emblem has been the industry leader for over a decade in battling unauthorized reproductions and in protecting our customers' designs.  Gman Emblem does not authorize our factory to make overruns.  Gman Emblem does not place our customers' designs on our website or elsewhere without their express permission. Although there have been counterfeit copies of our designs, they are easily spotted when compared to the higher quality originals.  In addition, we were one of the first companies to put our trademark name under the backings on all of our patches.  Patches can be numbered at no extra fee.  Pins are stamped with the Gman Emblem logo. Challenge coins can be numbered. This way of identifying insignia has caught on in the industry and Gman Emblem is proud to be among the leaders in this regard.

None of our customers' items will ever appear on this page and will never be sold by Gman Emblem.  We do, however, have some generic designs that are available for purchase here.  To place an order, send an email to